Student Bodies

Since 1992 when the first studentassociation “News Agency” was established, the activities of studentassociations have flourished and got prosperous along with the development ofXJTU. By March of 2015, 204 student associations have been registered,including 41 literature associations, 27 scientific associations, 27 charitableassociations, 35 practice associations, 40 sports associations, 22 artassociations and 12 media associations, recruiting tens of thousands ofundergraduates and graduate students.

Through the implementation of“Six ones” in registration of student associations, the three-step strategy inassociation development, construction and management of student associations arestrengthened. The guidance of student associations is perfected through aseries of plans and competitions. The associations with well-known brands havehad a great influence among the nationwide universities..

In recent years, some well-knownstudent associations have won awards inside and outside the campus, producing awidespread and positive influence in the society. The Youth League Branch of Shenyang BookClub won the honorary title of the National Outstanding Association. Youth League branches of Thinking and Debate Club,Sailing Association, Astronomy Association won the honorary titles ofprovincial outstanding associations. Sinology Association and Red CrossAssociation won the Top Five associations in Chines universities. Students’ TV,Shenyang Book Club, University magazine, Sinology Association, IBM StudentTechnology Club, Martial Art Association and News Agency won Top 100associations among Chinese universities. Student Robot Team won the championtitles of both National College students Robot TV Contest and Asian-PacificRobot Competition for several times. Student Aeromodelling Team won thechampion title of the National Aeromodelling Championship and the honorarytitle of Xiaoping Scientific Innovation Team. Smart Car Club won the firstprize of National Smart Car Contest many times. Heritage Club also won thefirst prize in National Cultural Relics for Teenagers. Science Association ofthe School of Electronic and Information Engineering won three first prizes inthe National Electronic Design Contest. Student Bicycle Association won the winnerof National Recycling Invitational Tournament for College Students. StudentRowing Association won the Top 100 Sports Philanthropic Groups. What’s more,Federation of the Student Associations won the title of Top Ten Federation ofth Student Associations among the Chinese Universities.