International Education


Established in 1959, OverseasStudents Education of XJTU was among the first to be assigned to cultivateoverseas students with a scholarship from Chinese government by the Ministry ofEducation. In 2013, XJTU was rated as “Model University for Overseas Education”.

To further strengthen educationand management of overseas students in XJTU and enlarge the scale of overseaseducation so as to make XJTU more international, the School of OverseasEducation was established in 2006. It is recognized not only as an entity toeducate overseas students, but also a comprehensive department in charge ofenrolling, educating and administrating of the overseas students in XJTU.

Currently, there are 9 on-goingEnglish programs for postgraduates in 8 XJTU Schools, including School of Energyand Power Engineering, School of Management, School of Telecommunication,School of Electrical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School ofMedicine, Law School, School of Literature. There are also English programs forundergraduates in Clinical Medicine and Oral Medicine. Across XJTU, 64undergraduate programs, 100 postgraduate programs and 68 doctoral programs areaccessible to all overseas students on the campus.

As the first university to carryout English undergraduate programs for overseas students, XJTU started itsoverseas education in medicine in 1955. In 2000, it took the lead in enrollingoverseas students for English programs for postgraduates. In 2005, authorizedby the Ministry of Education, XJTU drafted a national educational regulation inthis regard. Ever since 1995, more than 2,000 overseas students have studied inXJTU, ranking it as the first in terms of number.

As a member university of the C9Alliance, XJTU stays committed to cultivating high-level young overseas talentsand goodwill ambassadors that have amity with China, attaching great importanceto the quality of overseas education.

EnrollingInformation for Overseas Students

Diploma Programs:Undergraduate Program,Postgraduate Program,Doctoral Program

Further Study Programs:General Program,Language Program

Special recommendations:English Programs forPostgraduates,Medical English Programs forUndergraduates

Scholarship Programs:Postgraduate Programs Funded byChinese Government Scholarship,Medical Postgraduate ProgramsFunded by Chinese Government Scholarship,Programs Funded by XJTUScholarship,Programs Funded by China-USCultural Exchange Scholarship

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