Education of Undergraduates

Xi'an Jiaotong University is a comprehensive research university offering programs in ten areas—science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, art, law etc.—with a major emphasis on science and engineering. It includes 26 schools, 12 affiliated teaching hospitals and 84 undergraduate programs, enrolling students from 31 provinces across the country. XJTU has over 20 excellent disciplines, including Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, International Economy and Trade, Finance, Automation, Japanese, Industrial Design, Materials Science and Engineering, Electronic Commerce, Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Accounting, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Energy and Power System and Automation, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Management Science and Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Information Engineering and Information and Computation Science. XJTU also established eight national experimental teaching demonstration centers, eight national teaching bases, 18 provincial experiment teaching demonstration centers (including engineering workshop), and 19 school experiment teaching demonstration centers, three programs for training excellent engineer project, eight national college students’ off-campus practice educational bases and six provincial college students’ off-campus practice educational bases. XJTU has set up research projects of teaching reform in terms of research on the model of talent cultivation and serial course reform, and improving students’ innovation consciousness and ability etc. Aiming at cultivating with high standard of teaching, solid foundation, broad extension of professional knowledge, comprehensiveness and high quality as well as by attaching importance to practice, XJTU has managed to produce qualified personnel. XJTU is the first university which was reputed “excellent” in the undergraduate teaching assessment in 1996. The first employment rate of graduates ranked 1st among the universities directly under the ministry of education for several successive years.