Xi'an Jiaotong University Museum was founded in September 2004. As a comprehensive university museum, its functions include education, research, collection, exhibition and academic exchanges.

The museum covers an area of 6,500 square meters. It has an exhibition area of 4,500 square meters and a space of 1,500 square meters for office and lab. The Museum mainly has six exhibition areas, including Museum of Qinqiang Opera in Shaanxi Province, Chinese Cultural Relics Art Gallery, Stele Calligraphy Art Gallery, Western China Peasant Painting Gallery, Xing Liangkun Ceramic Art Gallery and the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Hall. Professor Zhong Mingshan is the curator of Xi'an Jiaotong University Museum, who serves as the consultant of Chinese Calligraphers Association and is used to be the vice president of C.C.A..

Museum of Qinqiang Opera in Shaanxi Province

The museum was cooperatively formed by Department of Culture of Shaanxi Province and Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2009. Through pictures and material objects, the museum makes a vivid demonstration of historical development, clothing and instruments, famous performing artists, playwrights and troupes of Qinqiang Opera. It also displays a variety of Shaanxi local opera materials, like shadow play and puppet.

Chinese Cultural Relics Art Gallery

The Gallery possesses a series of valuable cultural relics in art or history, which include painted pottery of the Neolithic Age, seals of Qin and Han Dynasties, the architectural materials focusing on bricks and eaves tiles, bronze wares and bronze mirrors in Han Dynasty, painted figurines, Tang’s stone carvings, etc. These lovely art works show the rich style and decorative designs of ceramics, the glorious traditional architectural adornment, the classical seal cutting art, and the vivid sculpture art.

Western China Peasant Painting Gallery

This gallery shows a good number of paintings by peasant at Ansai county of Shaanxi Province and some magnum opuses by renowned paper-cut artist Ku Shulan at Xunyi county of Shaanxi Province. The Ansai peasant paintings have a peculiar spirit and artistic feature, with delicate structure, strong color, expressing their refreshing feelings of countryside life. Ku Shulan’s works are featured by clear-cut outline, multi-layer and brilliant colors, revealing a spacious picture of the society and her profound inner world.

Stele Calligraphy Gallery

The gallery features fine epigraphs from the Northern Dynasties to Qing Dynasty, mainly unearthed around Xi’an area. Some script forms such as seal character, official script, regular script and running script can be found in these ancient epigraphs. Each of the epigraphs manifests not only an elegant article, but also a fine calligraphy work.

Xing Liangkun Ceramic Art Gallery

With donations from Mr. Xing Liangkun, the national level ceramic master, this gallery now has an outstanding collection of over 40 works by Mr. Xing. These works can be divided into three types: tea bowls, creating a mixture of round and square shape with brilliant multi-colored glaze; Chinese palace lantern based on traditional cooking vessel which has three legs; the sculpture of body, with abstract and exaggeration, showing his fantastic imagination.


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