Saratov State Medical University visits XJTU

June 10, 2019  Click:[]


On the morning of May 13, 2019, Gromov Mikhail, President of Saratov State Medical University (Саратовский Императорский Николаевский Университет), and his delegation visited XJTU. XJTU Vice President Yan Hong met with them in Conference Room 1 of the Administration Building, XJTU Health Science Center (XJTUHSC, Yanta Campus).


Vice President Yan Hong briefly introduced the history of XJTU, as well as the organizational structure and disciplinary construction of XJTUHSC. He explained that XJTU initiated establishment of the University Alliance of the Silk Road in responding to the “Belt and Road” construction in order to promote cooperation with Russia and other countries along the “B&R”. He also expressed the hope that this visit would deepen understanding, enhance friendship and promote cooperation in the medical field between the two parties.