XJTU won first prize in 2019 China Aeromodelling Design Challenge

October 18, 2019  Click:[]




From October 10 to 17, 2019, the 2019 China Aeromodelling Design Challenge, organized by the General Administration of Sports of China and the Aero Sports Federation of China (ASFC), was held in Haining, Zhejiang Province. After 8 days of intense competition, the XJTU aeromodelling team won 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 5 third prizes, and was awarded the title of “Excellent Team”.  


China Aeromodelling Design Challenge is a competitive event integrating scientific innovation and airsports for university students in China. It aims to encourage students to cultivate their innovative design ability in such fields aspneumatics, structure, and control and the ability to deal with real-life problems. China Aeromodelling Design Challenge, SAE Aero Design Competition, and Air Cargo Challenge are recognized as the top 3 competitions in aero design.


XJTU has competed in the China Aeromodelling Design Challenge since 2008 and has won a total of 59 first prizes.