XJTU researchers develop an automatic monitoring and pre-warning system for epidemic control

March 2, 2020  Click:[]



One of the most important methods in epidemic prevention and control is monitoring body temperature, involving daily use of forehead thermometers during outbreaks. However, forehead thermometers usually require a person to make the measurement, which brings risk of close contact and cross infection, and places extreme work pressure on community staff. Recently, researchers led by Rong Haijun and Yang Zhaoxu of XJTU’s School of Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Engineering developed an automatic monitoring and pre-warning system for epidemic prevention and control based on previous research and their academic expertise. This system is composed of a visible-light lens, a thermal imager, and a portable computer. It can identify a group of people and efficiently and safely measure their body temperatures even when wearing masks. They hope the new system would assist the university in epidemic prevention, especially when students return.