XJTU’s “Pioneer” unmanned vehicle wins championship in the 12th Future Challenge: Intelligent Vehicle Competition

November 21, 2020  Click:[]



The 12th Future Challenge: Intelligent Vehicles Competition was held on November 21, 2020. This year’s competition required all participating vehicles to autonomously simulate picking up and transporting passengers to the designated destinations under real urban traffic conditions. The efficiency of unmanned vehicles in providing service independently, continuously, and safely was the key evaluation factor.    


XJTU's "Pioneer" unmanned vehicle not only received the highest score but also achieved first prizes in the Satellite Navigation-free Performance and Autonomous Parking Performance. This is XJTU's fourth consecutive championship in this competition.


"Pioneer" utilizes 4G-LTE communication network and satellite-free navigation technology. Information support such as road monitoring video streaming provides interpretation of real-time traffic and providing optimal, timely routes. “Pioneer” has successfully completed 5 unmanned transportation services within the specified time, winning the championship.


The Future Challenge: Intelligent Vehicles Competition is China’s first unmanned vehicles competition initiated by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2009. As China's earliest, longest-lasting, and highest-level unmanned vehicle competition, it motivated many professionals in the field of smart cars in the past decade.