XJTU 2021 Silk Road International Symposium launches

April 16, 2021  Click:[]


Initiated by Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), the 7th Silk Road International Spring Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars was held on April 16 and broadcast through alive-streaming platform. The event invited outstanding young talents from 21 countries and regions as well as scholars from domestic colleges and institutes to gather online.




Heads and deputy heads of XJTU’s Department of Human Resources, the Office for Discipline Planning and Building, the Office of Science and Technology, the Department of Social Sciences Research, the Graduate School, and representatives of young teachers attended the symposium.  

The talent recruitment video of XJTU was broadcast at the conference. It sincerely invited young scholars from all over the world to join the university to work hand in hand to promote social development and serve the needs of the country.    

Lei Lili, head ofthe Department of Human Resources, introduced the school development, talentenvironment, talent plan and local policies. He said that at this newhistorical starting point, the school has accelerated the construction ofiHarbour, built a new highland of integration of science and education, andenhanced team building with the "intelligence +" talent introductionsystem.

The leaders of other departments and offices also introduced XJTU’s discipline construction, scientific research, and graduate education system, hoping to take iHarbour as an opportunity to work with outstanding young scholars around the world and make contributions in the historical process of the new era.  

Representatives of young teachers shared their experience and insights of joining XJTU to carry out scientific research, and called on young talents to work together and create bigger achievements.  

The Silk Road International Symposium (SRIS) is an extraordinary communication event for academic and professional development which is held by XJTU for outstanding young scholars from all over the world. It was upgraded to a high-level talent forum in 2016 to be held regularly by the Shaanxi provincial Party committee and government.  

XJTU has already held the SRIS six times since 2015. Around 1,500 distinguished young scholars from more than 30 countries and regions have been invited to participate in this extraordinary event, building a platform for young scholars to learn deeply about XJTU and Shaanxi Province.