International student kite flying festival of XJTU held

April 7, 2021  Click:[]



XJTU's Second International Student Kite Flying Festival  was held in Duyi Heritage Park, Xi’an, on April 7, with international students participating in a kite drawing and flying contest.


At the kite drawing contest, students depicted the university gate and the logo and wrote blessing words on their kites to express their best wishes for the university to celebrate XJTU’s 125th anniversary.


During the kite-flying contest, international students enjoyed steering the kite by moving the flying line, tilting or twisting the kite, steering it in any direction, and controlling its speed and height.


The International Student Kite Flying Festival is an annual activity held by the School of International Education, XJTU. It aims to help international students learn about traditional Chinese culture and understand its spirit and connotations.