XJTU researchers publish a review on the effect on the compressive and ballistic performance of ceramics

October 14, 2020  Click:[]



Recently, Associate Professor Han Bin from the School of Mechanical Engineering of XJTU and Professor Lu Tianjian from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) published Confinement Effects on Compressive and Ballistic Performance of Ceramics: A Review in International Materials Review, an authoritative journal in the international field of material studies. The paper reviews confinement effects on ceramic materials and the effects of various confinement forms on mechanical and ballistic properties of ceramics with a systematic discussion of their mechanisms.


As the top review journal of international material studies, International Materials Review has attracted broad attention from relevant fields. With only 16 articles annually published, each article is written by well-known experts in the industry.


This is the first article with XJTU researchers as the first author in this journal. The first author is Dr. Zhang Rui from XJTU, and the correspondent authors are Associate Professor Han Bin, XJTU, and Professor Lu Tianjian, NUAA.