Li Fei and Xu Zhuo win the Ross Coffin Purdy Award

November 5, 2020  Click:[]


Recently, the American Ceramic Society online presented the 2020 International Ceramics Awards. XJTU’s professors Li Fei and Xu Zhuo won the Ross Coffin Purdy Award.   




The research result of "designing ferroelectric ceramic materials with high voltage effect" by a team led by professors Xu Zhuo and Li Fei from XJTU's MOE Key Laboratory for Electronic Materials marked a breakthrough in the design and synthesis of high-performance piezoelectric ceramics. By introducing local structural disorder, Pb (Mg, Nb)O3-PbTiO3 piezoelectric ceramics doped with rare earth element Sm was synthesized for the first time. The piezoelectric coefficient was as high as1500 pC/N, which is twice that of soft piezoelectric ceramics for commercial use. The result was published in Nature Materials in 2018 and was introduced by the journal News&Views.   


The American Ceramic Society established the Ross Coffin Purdy Award in 1949 to reward authors who have made the most valuable contribution to ceramic technical literature published two years prior to the selection year.