XJTU teachers won Best Paper Award 2020 by China Communications

August 19, 2020  Click:[]



Recently, a paper, titled Physical Layer Security with Its Applications in 5G Networks: A Review by XJTUt eachers Sun Lin and Du Qinghe, won the Best Paper Award 2020 presented by China Communications. Professor Shen Xuemin, China Communications Council Chair, announced the winners in an online meeting of the International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC).  


This paper presented the technical progress of wireless physical layer security (PLS) and PLS techniques application prospects in 5G networks. It summarized the principles and advantages of PLS techniques and explained why PLS is suitable for 5G networks. It also reviewed the literature on existing PLS methods in and highlighted several PLS solutions that are expected to be applied in 5G networks. This paper also proposed future research directions.  


The paper has received global attention and was cited by Nature, marking Nature's first China Communications citation.