Chen Xin, an Emerging Investigator by Journal of Materials Chemistry

September 30, 2020  Click:[]


Recently, Professor Chen Xin (upper left), School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, XJTU, was selected as an Emerging Investigator by the Journal of Materials Chemistry B (JMCB) of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  


The title of Emerging Investigator by JMCB is awarded to outstanding young scientists who have significantly innovated in material chemistry and whose contribution will impact the development of world material chemistry. Professor Chen Xin was also invited to publish an article in a special issue of JMCB Emerging Investigators.    


Professor Chen Xin is currently the assistant to the dean of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology and is the director of the Institute of Polymers in Chemical Engineering, XJTU. He also has the title of outstanding talent of Shaanxi Province.