Professor Guo Liejin elected as a New TWAS Fellow

December 18, 2020  Click:[]



On December15, 2020, The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) released the list of its 35 new fellows. Seven are from China, including XJTU professor and CAS member Guo Liejin.  


Professor Guo’s research focuses on multiphase flow in power engineering and hydrogen energy. To meet major national demands, he and his team carry out cutting-edge energy research, conduct theoretical studies on flow safety, transmission and control, energy and mass transfer, and transformation of multiphase flows under dangerous and complex structural conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, and high thermal load. Besides, he and his team revealed the laws and theories of the physical and chemical processes of two-phase or multiphase flow of different combinations of gas-liquid-solid phases and applied them to innovatively design equipment and technology. He also explored new ways of energy utilization, such as hydrogen production using coal gasification with supercritical water and multiphase continuous flow catalyzed by solar photocatalysis. Systematic and innovative achievements have been made and applied to engineering practice, significantly boosting industrial technology.