The First Affiliated Hospital

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The First AffiliatedHospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (formerly known as The First AffiliatedHospital of Xi’an Medical University) is a comprehensive tertiary class-Ahospital in Northwest China under the supervision of the National Health andFamily Planning Commission. It is one of the select hospitals honored with thetertiary class-A rank in China, and has been one of the first national"One Hundred Exemplary Hospitals".


Since the hospital’sfounding in 1956, it has made tremendous progress in the fields of medicaltreatment, medical education, and scientific research. With a total capacity of2497 beds, the hospital is a leader in medical technology, medical quality andmedical service in Northwest China, being widely accepted by patients.


Among thestaff, 526 hold senior professional titles, including 1 Double-employedAcademician, 1 national “One Thousand Persons Planning” Scholar, 2Distinguished Young Scientists, 1 Excellent Young Scholar, 1 Ministry of EducationInovative Research Team, 1 candidate selected for national “Million andTen-Million Talents Program”, 7 ministerial/provincial Outstanding Contributionexperts, 10 Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents, and 13 expertsreceiving State Council Special Government Allowances.


Among thebroad specialties established at the hospital, Urology (including KidneyTransplantation) and Dermatology have been identified as one of the NationalKey Specialties and National Key Developing Specialties, respectively. Thereare 14 National Key Clinical Specialties, 7 provincial key specialties, 7provincial superior specialties, and 11 provincial Medical Quality ControlCenters in our hospital. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a “12th Five-yearPlan” Key Developing Specialty. Our National Base ofClinical Pharmacological Research has been re-accredited in 2013.

There were 21.2million outpatient visits, 1.03 million inpatient admissions and 32,000surgeries in 2014. The hospital concentrates on specialty development, andprovides high-quality medical service with state-of-the-art technology appliedin areas such as liver transplantation, kidney transplantation, hematopoieticstem cell transplantation, coronary artery bypass grafting etc. The hospitalalso provides medical and surgical treatment for complex diseases such ascancer, cardiovascularand cerebrovascular disease, and metabolic disease. Inthe process of dealing with highly sophisticated and severe cases, noveluses of medical technology have been investigated in our hospital,including the first national case of a baby delivered from anabdominal pregnancy; the first test-tube baby born in Northwest China; thefirst case of transplanting unmatched mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) andhematopoietic stem cells in Northwest China; the first, both here and abroad,to carry out a transurethral prostatectomy with a green laser;the first national case of anex-vivo liver resection; thefirst case of choledochoplasty of bile duct stricture using magneticcompression. The laparoscopic spleen-preserving splenic hilar lymph nodedissection for proximal gastric cancer, the cryoballoon catheter ablation foratrial fibrillation, the resection of leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cavaand the laparoscopic radical trachelectomy combined with laparoscopic pelviclymphadenectomy are all taking the first position in Northwest China.


On March 26,2015, thenumber of kidney transplants broke 4000 cases, became the 3rd Kidney transplantcenter in China, kidney transplant technology has reached the advanced in bothinternational and domestic, won the 2nd Prize of the National Science andTechnology Advance Award.


The hospitalundertakes the task of teaching 5-year program undergraduate students, 7-yearprogram graduate students, and 8-year program Ph.D students. The hospital alsoundertakes the medical training for more than 100 foreign students per classyear. The staff is responsible for or participate in editing 57 nationalmedical textbooks. In the most recent 5 years, the hospital hasearned the 2nd and 3rd prizes in the National Advanced Medical Schools ClinicalSkills Competition, and 1st and 2nd prizes in the Provincial Teaching Award, special prize in teaching achievement awardof Xi’an Jiaotong University.

The hospital isauthorized to confer master’s degrees and doctor’s degrees of Class I ClinicalSpecialties to the graduate and Ph.D students. Moreover, the hospital serves asa station for postdoctoral work in the Class I Clinical Specialties, with 92Ph.D advisors and 242 graduate advisors among the teaching faculty. In the mostrecent 5 years, the hospital has received 665 research grants totaling over1600 million RMB, which include 3 National 973 Programs; 1 National NaturalScience Fund Instrument Special Fund Program; 1 National Natural Science FundKey Program; 1 Outstanding Youth Fund Program; 1 Excellent Youth FundProgram; 1 Ministry of Education International Science and Technology CooperationProgram; 2 Ministry of Health Clinical Key Specialty Programs; 237 NationalNatural Science Fund Programs; 9 Innovation Programs of ProvincialScience and Technology.


More than 1030research papers have been cited in the Science Citation Index. The hospital hasbeen awarded 19 Provincial Science and Technology Awards and 41 NationalScientific Invention Patents. At present, 2 hospital staff members arevice-chairpersons of national medical associations and 20 experts are standingcommittee members of national medical associations while 160 experts arevice-chairpersons or chairpersons of provincial medical associations. Researchfacilities include 1 Ministry of Education Laboratory, 1 Shaanxi ProvincialLaboratory, 1 Shaanxi Provincial Engineering Research Center, and 6 Xi’an JiaoTong University Medical Research Institutes.


The First AffiliatedHospital is the first general hospital in Shaanxi Province accredited by theNational Health and Family Planning. The hospital has set up a medical cooperationwith 126 hospitals in Shaanxi and other provinces. In recent years, thehospital and the staff have won many honors, such as one of the national “MostPopular Tertiary Class-A Hospitals”; “Pioneer Worker ofEarthquake Relief and Disease Prevention”; the only one provincial“Collectivity of Partner Assistance of Urban-Rural Hospital”. “AdvancedIndividuals of Health System”, “National May 1 Labor Medal”, “Bethune SpiritAward”, and “Excellent Nurse”.


Adhering to theprinciples: “Sanctity of life, Service Foremost; Devoted and Dutiful, Practicaland Innovative”, we remain devoted to being a competitive and qualifieduniversity affiliated hospital and a first-class nationally-recognized regionalmedical center.


Hospital address: No.277, Yanta WestRoad, Xi’an, Shaanxi, P.R.China

Postcode:    710061

Telephone:   +86-29-85323112     +86-29-85323338(telephoneexchange)