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Division of Student Affairs

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The Division of Student Affairs of Xi'an Jiaotong University is the functional department of the CPC XJTU Committee to carry out ideological and political education for students, as well as the administrative department responsible for students' management and service. There are 8 offices within the division, including the Ideological & Political Education Office, Student Comprehensive Affairs Office, CPC XJTU Students Committee, Information & Publicity Office, Ethnic Minority Student Affairs Office, Dormitory Cultural Construction Office, Student Financial Assistance Management Center, Student Psychological Education & Consultation Center, and Student Academic Guidance & Development Center.

The division's major responsibilities are:

1. To carry out ideological and political education for students and take charge of the team-building of counselors and class advisors.

2. To undertake the construction of basic-level CPC branches as well as the development, education, and administration affairs of CPC members.

3. To implement student financial assistance policies including awards, grants, loans, work-study programs, subsidies, exemptions; carry out development-oriented funding education; take charge of the reward and punishment of students.

4. To construct and implement the Eight Credits Extra-Curricular System for undergraduates and develop programs to improve students' comprehensive abilities.

5. To carry out the construction of students' style of learning.

6. To carry out psychological education and consultation for students.

7. To undertake student dormitories' planning and cultural construction.

8. To organize major student activities and manage student files, daily affairs, and service.

9. To build a benign cultural atmosphere through various campus activities and maintain campus safety.

10. To coordinate the planning and development of students' ideological and political education and management.

Co-working with the Division of Student Affairs, the People's Armed Forces Department is mainly responsible for students' national defense education. While instructing students military training, it also conducts civil air defense, conscription, armory management, reserve force registration, veterans and demobilized soldiers' management, as well as condolences for martyrs' relatives.

The university has established CPC XJTU Students Committee with its office set up within the Division of Student Affairs, which is in charge of the construction of CPC basic-level student branches and the education and management of CPC student members.

Contact Information

Director of the Division: Zhou Yuan

Tel: 82668009

E-mail: yuanzhou@xjtu.edu.cn

Address: Xianzi Hall, Xi’an Jiaotong University, No.28, West-Xianning Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, 710049, P.R. China

Office Tel: 82668232

E-mail: xsc232@mail.xjtu.edu.cn