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Office of the CPC XJTU Committee and the President's Office

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Office of the CPC XJTU Committee and the President's Office are implemented as a joint office, which is a comprehensive executive organization and an important hub of political work in the university. The primary responsibilities are to oversee the University's strategic priorities and supports activities of the university leadership.

Undertake the school-wide tasks

—Organize important conferences, such as the school-wide committee, the standing committee meetings, the president meetings, etc.

—Be responsible for major university events and important receptions.

—Handle various types of university official documents.

—Draft and review school-wide working plans, summaries and important speeches.

—Arrange agendas, official activities and daily office work for the university leaders.

—Uniformly coordinate internal and external activities where the university leaders are involved.

—Manage the official seals of the university.

Undertake comprehensive research and information integration

—Carry out research to support decision-making for the university leaders.

—Be responsible for the school-wide information collection, summary, analysis, report and release as well as compiling and distributing information and documents to university departments as references.

Undertake coordination of petition, visiting and so on.

—Handle correspondence and visit from the public; coordinate all departments in the work of security and stability. 
—Assist the university leaders in coordinating relevant units and departments; make emergency response to unexpected events.
—Supervise major decisions of the university in conjunction with the Organization Department and the Supervision Division.


Contact Information

Phone: 029-82668231

Fax: 029-83234781

Email: office@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Mailling Address:

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Office of the CPC XJTU Committee and the President’s Office

No.28, Xianning West Road

Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R. China, 710049

website: http://office.xjtu.edu.cn/english.htm