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​Chongshi College

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Founded in 2008, Chongshi College consists of over 1800 undergraduate students. It is a modernized college of advantages in both arts and science, integration of subjects,  active thinking and beautiful environment. The name of the College originates from the former motto of Jiaotong University, which goes 'Advocate morality and practice. Emphasize culture and fitness. Be diligent, frugal, respectful, and honest. Achieve comprehensive developments.' 

The College consists of three education teams, including full-time counsellors, part-time counsellors, and academic tutors, including one "National Counsellor of the Year". Holding regular educational meetings with the schools, the College is building a collaborative education mechanism.

The College has set up "XJTU cultural and Creative Workshop" to focus on the design and incubation of cultural and creative products to promote cultural education. It also nominates "100 Stars" and promotes "Four Flags in My Heart" campaign to create a strong atmosphere of learning from the advanced, admiring the advanced and striving for being advanced.

The College adheres to the educational philosophy of "Respect the morals. Advocate the truth. Learn the culture. Strengthen the body.", and is committed to giving full play to students' professional strengths, in order to create a scholarly and artistic education environment, and cultivate outstanding students with national feelings and international vision.

Website: http://cssy.xjtu.edu.cn/English.htm