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Zonglian College

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Zonglian College was established in July 2007, named after Mr. Hou Zonglian, a famous physiologist and medical educator in China. The college is located in the northwest corner of the school's Yanta campus. There are 9 full-time staffs, 49 academic tutors, 47 head teachers, and 5 part-time tutors. In 2011, the branches of Zonglian College were established in the Second Affiliated Hospital and Hospital of Stomatology. Currently the college has 2,484 students, belonging to the Health Science Center and the School of Economics and Finance. For the medical students, their academic cycles include 4-year, 5-year, and 8-year systems; for the students of economics and finance, the majors cover 16 specialties.

Upholding the four banners: patriotism, collectivism, heroism, and optimism, the College targets at strengthening the students’ moral quality. The College follows the educational concept of "Solidarity, Fighting, and Friendliness". It has established the "Medical Benevolence Studio" to carry out freshman tutoring, academic career planning, the Four-One-Hundred-Actions (to know 100 teachers, to read 100 classics, to attend 100 reports, to participate 100 activities), Comprehensive Ability Improving Plan, as well as Psychological Counseling and Assistance for Difficulties. The College has formed a complete characteristic education system, committed to cultivating outstanding medical and economic talents who are moral, faithful, and helpful and aims to serve the socialist modernization.