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Qide College

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Qide College of Xi'an Jiaotong University was established in July 2008. The name Qide implies wisdom, enlightenment and moral education. 

Located on the beautiful Yanta Campus on Zhuque Street, the college is a place where the atmosphere of history and books mingle. There is a Qide Cultural Square and a Qide Garden. The gymnasium, student cafeteria, basketball court and tennis court are adjacent to the college, providing a beautiful environment, a strong cultural atmosphere and convenience for study and daily life. As a carrier of campus culture and students' comprehensive development, the college aims to build an all-round, all-time growth environment and provide the maximum space for students' development. Through a series of campus cultural activities, designed to "inherit civilization, impart knowledge, cultivate ability and sentiment, and create the future", students and teachers are able to communicate with each other in an extensive, free and equal manner, which brings about the students' self-service, self-education, self-management, and common growth.

The college community includes the No. 1 and No. 10 buildings in the West District, housing more than 2,100 students from the School of Economics and Finance and the Health Science Center respectively. There is one secretary of the General Party Branch and one director of college affairs, one associate director of college affairs and one assistant director of college affairs. There are also eight permanent tutors in the college. It also employs academic tutors, sports tutors, and senior counselors. The excellent faculty helps students grow comprehensively.

The people-oriented concept runs through all activities of Qide College, and the college has fully considered students' growth by setting up coffee houses, information rooms, reading rooms, study rooms, activity rooms and similar facilities to provide first-class resources for its students. At the same time, it has also made great achievements in building a unique culture, and has cooperated with national and global first-class enterprises such as Starbucks and China Merchants Securities to carry out a series of projects.

By paying great attention to students' growth, Qide College is bound to continue as a cradle of education.