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XJTU wins first-place prize in National Higher Education Teaching Innovation Competition

August 22, 2023
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Zhang Yan wins the first place in the 3rd National Higher Education Teaching Innovation Competition.

The 3rd National Higher Education Teaching Innovation Competition was held at Zhejiang University from Aug 20-21. Xi'an Jiaotong University(XJTU)participated in one of the courses and received one first-place award, continuing its strong track record of winning first-place awards in the competition in previous years.

During the university-level competition phase, a total of 83,224 teachers from 1,194 universities across the nation participated. After multiple rounds of selection, 898 teachers from 239 courses advanced to the national-level on-site finals.

Zhang Yan, the lead instructor of the "Cardiovascular Diseases" course at XJTU, and Fan Boyuan, another teacher, participated as part of the competition's associate professor group in the field of new medical sciences.

They presented under the theme of "Deep Integration, Cross-Disciplinary Fusion, Immersive Training for Outstanding Innovative Medical Talents," and systematically introduced the integration of course content, resources, and faculty, as well as the application of theoretical classes, CPBL (case-and-problem-based learning) classes, and practical classes.

They also discussed the introduction of cutting-edge research and the interdisciplinary aspects of medical engineering into their teaching, aiming to produce outstanding innovative medical talent in the era of new medical sciences.

Zhang emerged as the first-place winner in the highly-competitive associate professor group nationwide, a new breakthrough in the national competition for XJTU.

The National Higher Education Teaching Innovation Competition has been successfully three times thus far and is a nationally-significant teaching competition under the supervision of the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Division and organized by the China Association of Higher Education.