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XJTU delegation visits Singapore

May 05, 2024
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A delegation from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), led by Shan Zhiwei, vice-president of the university, visited local universities and institutes in Singapore on May 1-3 to harness exchanges and cooperation in multiple fields. The delegation also held symposiums with local XJTU alumni.

On May 2, the delegation visited the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), the Technical University of Munich Asia (TUM Asia), and the Asia headquarters of Times Higher Education (THE).

Lum Sau Kim, associate vice-president for global relations of NUS, welcomed the delegation and expressed a desire to strengthen cooperation and exchanges between the two universities. Shan introduced XJTU's development achievements, particularly in the integration of industry and education under the "University Alliance of the Silk Road" and the construction of the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor.

He said he looked forward to expanding multidisciplinary and multi-field academic cooperation and exchanges between faculty and students based on the strong cooperation between the two universities.

During the delegation's visit to the TUM Asia, Dr. Markus Wachter, corporate director of TUM Asia, welcomed the delegation. Both sides introduced the development achievements of their respective universities and signed a memorandum of understanding on academic exchanges and talent cultivation. They reached a consensus on fostering cooperation through long- and short-term student exchange programs and academic collaborations between faculty members.


Shan (R) signs the memorandum of understanding on academic exchanges and talent cultivation with Dr. Markus Wachter (L).

Afterwards , the delegation visited SUTD and the Asia headquarters of THE and met with Ricky Ang, associate provost for international relations of SUTD, and Ritin Malhotra, general manager and regional director (Asia) at THE.


The delegation visits SUTD in Singapore.


The delegation visits THE.

On May 3, the delegation visited Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, and talked with Lee Pooi See, vice-president for international engagement of NTU, and Lou Jing, deputy executive director of IHPC.


The delegation visits NTU.

The delegation also visited XCL World Academy (XWA), where they were received by Tammy Murphy, head of XWA. The two parties reached a cooperation agreement on the recruitment of international students and the establishment of a base for international student sources.

In addition, the delegation met with some alumni working and studying in Singapore and held several discussions, which were warmly welcomed by the alumni. On behalf of the school, Shan greeted the alumni in Singapore, shared XJTU's recent developments and future prospects, and thanked the alumni for their concern and support for their alma mater. He also conveyed his pride in the outstanding achievements of the alumni in various fields.


The delegation meets with some alumni working and studying in Singapore.