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XJTU to contribute to cooperation and exchanges of China-Africa universities

May 08, 2024
  L M S

Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) was recently selected as a Chinese member university of the "China-Africa 100 Universities Cooperation Plan" among 50 in total nationwide, and as a Chinese member university in the "China-Africa University Alliance" exchange mechanism among 252 in total, both in the field of health and medicine.

In the field of health and medicine, a total of eight universities nationwide were included in the cooperation plan, and 42 universities nationwide were included as Chinese member universities in the exchange mechanism.

In the future, XJTU will continue to focus on the health and medicine field, engaging in inter-university cooperation on joint research, student exchanges, faculty visits, and talent cultivation. It will also conduct relevant investigations and research on major theoretical and practical cooperation issues between China and Africa.

The goal is to promote talent cultivation and scientific research collaboration between Chinese and African universities in the prevention and control of epidemic and infectious disease and in medical aid. This will enhance cooperation and exchanges in public health governance, contributing to the development of health and medicine in Africa.

To implement the initiative – the China-Africa Talent Cultivation Cooperation Plan, which was proposed at the China-Africa Leaders' Dialogue in Johannesburg, the Ministry of Education's Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges and the China Association of Higher Education have promoted the "China-Africa 100 Universities Cooperation Plan" based on the "China-Africa 20+20 Cooperation Plan" and built the "China-Africa University Alliance" exchange mechanism in collaboration with the Association of African Universities. The cooperation plan focuses on 10 fields, including digital education, health and medicine, and agricultural development.