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XJTU basketball players selected for CUBAL All-Star Night

May 12, 2024
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The 26th Chinese University Basketball League (CUBAL) All-Star Night will commence on May 25 and will feature basketball players Zhang Lisheng and Lin Yingying from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU).

The 2024 CUBAL All-Star players were chosen from among 85 candidates from various universities across the country. Through public voting, 26 players were selected to form the All-Star lineup, which will be divided into two teams – the "Pinnacle Team" and the "Elite Team," to compete against each other.

Zhang Lisheng has been selected for the CUBA All-Star player lineup, while Lin Yingying has been selected for the All-Star Night Ledongli Women's 3v3 All-Star lineup. They will gather in Chongqing to offer up an exciting event for fans.

In the 26th CUBAL Division I Northwest Region competition, XJTU men's and women's basketball teams once again jointly won the double championship in the Northwest Region.

As strong programs of XJTU, both the men's and women's teams adhere to high standards and rigorous training requirements, maintaining a competitive level that ranks among the top in the nation. The men's basketball team previously won third place in the CUBAL National Finals and the championship in the national 3×3 basketball finals. The women's basketball team has repeatedly defended the title of "Northwest King" and reached the top eight in the national competition.


Lin Yingying.


Zhang Lisheng.