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XJTU issues Shaanxi's first college entrance examination admission notice

July 10, 2024
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Shaanxi province's first college entrance examination admission notice of 2024 was sent out from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) in Xi'an, the provincial capital, on the morning of July 9.

The recipient of this admission notice is Zhang Zhaosen, a student from Xianyang Caihong School, who scored 672 points in the 2024 college entrance examination, ranking first in Shaanxi for admission under XJTU's Qiangji Plan. Zhang will major in physics in XJTU.

The Qiangji Plan aims to select and train a group of ambitious and talented students for specialized education, who will serve as reserve talents for major national strategic fields. The program recruits students nationwide and offers a "from bachelor's to doctoral degrees" educational mode, involving in seven majors, namely mathematics, physics, biotechnology, nuclear engineering and nuclear technology, engineering mechanics, materials science and engineering, and philosophy.

This year, XJTU's admission notice features the university's four gates arranged from low to high, symbolizing XJTU's growth and development. The creatively designed fold-out pages unfold like a historical scroll. The gradient from teal to red symbolizes the four seasons.


The admission notice.

The commemorative card on the back cover of the admission notice features an excerpt of an important speech made by China's President during his visit to XJTU on Apr 22, 2020.

This unique admission notice also features a distinctive design inside with two parts: one is a message from the president of XJTU, Zhang Liqun, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, expressing his hopes for the new students about to join XJTU. The other part is a detachable gratitude card for the recipients to express gratitude to their high schools and teachers.


Accompanying the admission notice are guides for new students, an introduction to national funding, and randomly distributed cultural and creative memorabilia.

The admission notice is accompanied with the guides for new students, an introduction to national funding, and cultural and creative memorabilia.

Zhang received not only an admission notice but also a special gift: two books titled The Joy of Discovery and Lectures on Quantum Physics by Laidman, both signed by Professor Xu Zhongfeng, a nationally renowned teaching master and doctoral supervisor at XJTU's School of Physics. Professor Xu encouraged him to "explore the microscopic world, embark on a journey of science, and pursue the limits of science".

Additionally, a series of "Beautiful Campus" bronze bookmarks for Zhang was prepared, showcasing the beauty of the university's architecture.


XJTU prepares gifts for Zhang along with his admission notice.